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SOLAR Inverter

  • The SH series is a fully automatic Solar PCU (Power Conditioning Unit) with intelligence to independently supply power to the connected appliances either from Inverter or Grid. It also can charge the battery from Solar or Grid. It has an SMPS based highly efficient inverter with IGBT switching. Up to 20% reduction in sizing of solar Panels can be achieved as compared to transformer based technology for the same performance. Pure Sine Wave output is suitable for all types of sensitive electronic gadgets.

Solar Inverter, PCU Manufacturer

  • The SH series is an advanced TRUE SOLAR Solar Power Conditioning Unit (PCU) offering unique and powerful features.
  • The load is automatically powered either from the Inverter or the Grid depending on the availability of Solar Energy and status of battery. Similarly charging happens by solar charger or grid charger depending on battery charge status and availability of solar energy. Solar charger always takes priority over grid charger.
  • It has two modes of operation- SOLAR mode to minimize electricity bills and NORMAL mode to maximize power availability.
  • The Inverter output is a highly regulated and stable pure sine wave which can be used for any type of sensitive and expensive electronic equipments. It can run any domestic loads like incandescent bulbs, CFL lamps, fluorescent lamps, halogen lamps, fans, mixers, blenders, food processors, TV, music system, DVD player, personal computers etc.
  • High efficiency due to advanced SMPS technology.
  • IGBT based high frequency inverter.
  • User selectable SOLAR-BATTERY-GRID or SOLAR-GRID-BATTERY mode operation.
  • Current controlled Combo Charger to ensure solar charger and grid charger can run independently or concurrently.
  • Automatic No-load cutoff saves battery charge when there is no load connected.
  • Multi-function LCD display for status and fault annunciation.
  • High level of protection from overload, short-circuit, over-temperature, battery low and battery overvoltage, reverse phase at output.
  • Mains range selectable to 110
  • to 280Vac or 185 to 260Vac
  • Speed controlled cooling fan operation to optimize cooling based on loading
  • Low standby loss of
  • Good voltage regulation of +/- 1%
  • Compact and light weight.
  • Grid and DC fuse fail detection

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  • What is the typical efficiency of a High frequency SMPS based Inverter and a transformer based one?
    Efficiency of 90% and above are achievable in a High frequency SMPS based Inverter. Whereas transformer based design can achieve about 70% efficiency. To get higher efficiency, the transformer has to be over designed making it costly
  • Why is efficiency important in solar application?
    Not only in solar, efficiency is important in all application. Efficiency is the figure of merit of the inverter. It indicates the percentage of power delivered at the output from the input power drawn from the DC Battery. This power loss is wasted inside the inverter as heat. If you notice large heat-sink or more number of cooling fan or if the temperature of the air thrown out by the cooling fan is high then efficiency is poor.
    This power wasted is every day and is direct loss in terms of money.
    In specific reference to solar, it is to be noted that the input power comes from the solar panel. Solar panel is the costliest part of a solar installation. Therefore it is bad economics to waste solar energy inside the inverter. The other way of looking is that if an inverter has 20% higher efficiency, then we need to install only 20% less PV panel for the same performance. Or we can get 20% more output for the same PV panel.
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